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The DJI SmartFarm can instantly generate high-definition images of farmland and orchards, as well as analyze crop growth with total clarity. It enables convenient management of digitalized agricultural information by providing guidance for the automatic operations of different agricultural machinery and monitoring the effectiveness of operations.

Farmland Information Management

Intelligent Field Scouting and Analysis

The platform can efficiently conduct field scouting by using aerial survey drones and can analyze the scouting images with AI algorithms. This allows automated monitoring of farmland and crops throughout the plant lifecycle, which significantly optimizes the decision-making process in agriculture.

Variable-Rate Operations Guidance

The platform can detect growth differences based on the NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index), generate prescription maps, and synchronize them to agricultural drones to implement variable operations, saving pesticides and fertilizer.

3D Route Generation

The platform can generate 3D maps for hillside orchards with complex terrains and can plan 3D routes with height information to provide optimal routes for agricultural drones, improving the efficiency and safety of hillside orchard operations.

Case Studies

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Enhance Precision While Reducing Cost

Released by DJI Agriculture’s partner in Hungary, PlantaDrone used Multispectral Drone to monitor farmland before and after sowing, separated the emergence locations of Cirsium arvense based on NDVI, and generated a precision spraying prescription map. The map was then uploaded to the drone for spraying. This way, the drone successfully conducted precision weeding, which reduced both herbicide use and costs.

DJI SmartFarm Web

Increase Yield with Less Fertilizer

In 2022, the variable fertilization solution for rice enabled rice producers in Japan to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer by 11% while increasing production by 9%. The solution solved various problems, such as excessive fertilization in particular areas, delayed maturity, and lodging.

Reduce Manual Labor

Reduce Manual Labor

In the Southern Jiangxi Province of China, Mr Liu Yanghai previously needed to hire ten workers for two days to spray 150 mu (24.7 acres) of orchard. Now, he can finish spraying within 3.5 hours by using DJI T40 and the 3D routes for fruit trees.

Boost Yield on a Large Scale

Boost Yield on a Large Scale

In 2021, the precision variable-rate operation solution successfully improved the yield of a 5,000-mu (823.7-acre) experimental cotton field owned by Xufeng Agricultural Cooperative by 10%, at a yield of 610 kg per mu (8,150 lb/acre).