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Orchard Mode 3.0

Orchard mode is an innovative feature created by DJI in order to optimize the cultivation of fruit trees located on both plains and mountains. Using the DJI Agras drone will make your work as easy as possible, even in hard-to-reach places. Тhe angle of the arms is optimized for fruit bearing trees in this controlled spray direction, so th pesticides can travel down along the branches, provided an even distribution. With assistance from the DJI phantom 4 platform, operators can manage a 3D digital map of the orchard and plan a precise flight path. Wave goodbye to ineffective tree spraying.

Scenario: crops in broad flat farmland or fruit trees in mountainous terrain
Solution: more intelligent, automatic, digital, resource saving

Data Acquisition: Phantom 4 RTK

  • Centimeter-Level Positioning
  • High-Precision Data Collection
  • 100-ha Area Mapped within 25 min

Planning: DJI Terra

  • Real-Time Mapping
  • 2D/3D Reconstruction
  • AI recognizing
  • 3D flight planning

Operation: Agras

  • Improved Productivity

Orchard Mode 3.0 Operation Flow

Phantom 4 RTK

Mission planning for mapping

Phantom 4 RTK

Shooting orthodox pictures


HD maps reconstruction


Execute route to spray


Generate 3D route


AI recognizing targets

Orchard Mode 3.0 Whole set


Charging set



Phantom 4 RTK Surveying and Mapping

Plan Target Area

Make sure the remote controller connects to network and press power button of remote controller and aircraft to turn on the power;

Choose Plan button in controller’s GS RTK APP main page and tap 2D photogrammetry

Click General Settings and Set Choose HD Image Scheme to Open. Because planning target area needs HD
satellite map background page to plot the boundary.

Return to remote controller main page and reenter map to make it effective. Beware that HD map will consume
more network data and the network quality must be well and smooth.

Based on HD map shows, tap on the screen to add several purple waypoints and create the plot boundary. The yellow lines is the aircraft flight route.

Set Height Speed and other parameters according to your requirement. For flat orchard 70m Height is suggested,
and Speed can be maximum.

Altitude Optimization is set to “Open”, and other parameters leave default if not any requirement;

Drag the yellow dot to adjust the route direction and click this yellow dot to fine tune the route direction.

APP will show the Mapping Area, Estimated Flight Time, Estimated Picture Quantity).If open P4R, the SD card residual available images quantity is shown.( Picture Shoot Quantity should be less than SD card residual available image quantity, and this is for avoidance of replacement SD card.)

After flight route is edited, click save and input the task name and click ok.

HD Map Reconstruction

Click “Fly” and click "..." icon in the executing page.

Choose Aircraft Settings and set Return to Home Altitude like 70m.(Watch out for powerline , pole, building and others.)

RC Signal Lost is set “Return to Home” and it means P4R will stop executing and return to Home Spot automatically. (Usually home spot is aircraft initial starting flight

Choose RTK and Open “Aircraft RTK positioning”. If you have purchased D RTK 2 mobile station please choose D RTK 2 mobile station in “RTK Service Type”.

Notice the Ready to Takeoff(RTK) and this condition shows green color.

Click task icon on the left and choose the “Plan” and tap the needed plot like tree demo

Click Start Button at the right below corner and read Precautions and click “OK”. And watch self check , if everything is right then “Slide to Execute”

If the plot area is too large for one battery to consume, then one breaking point which is red dot will be generated.

Please just replace battery after P4R lands and choose Executing in task list and click “Invoke” to continue this flight route.

Take out SD card from P4R and insert it to computer to copy. And open DJI Terra, choose New Mission, then Mapping, rename it.

Click Reconstruction icon and click “Add pictures” icon to import all the pictures shoot.

Reconstruction Type choose: 2D Map, Scenario Fruit Tree, and Resolution High. Then click Start Reconstruction.

After reconstruction, just click OK and go to “Agriculture Application” page.

Rename this mission and just click OK.

Rectify Recognition Target

Stay on "Continuous Spraying" and “Distance Intervel (Auto)” and "click Modify Result".

Set "Brush Size" and keep pressing “Ctrl” and use left mouse button to add target where needs modification.