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Ready, Steady, Go.

The Agras T50 elevates drone agricultural operations to new heights. It inherits a powerful coaxial twin-rotor propulsion system and a split-type torque resistant structure for next level stability when carrying 40 kg spraying[1] or 50 kg spreading[1] payloads. T50 leverages a Dual Atomizing Spraying System, Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, and a Binocular Vision System. T50 excels across multiple scenarios, from surveying[2] to spraying and spreading, guaranteeing stable operations and steady performance.

*The appearance of the product is subject to the actual product.

Heavy Payload

40 kg Spraying[1]

50 kg Spreading[1]

High Flow Rate

Spraying 16 L/min[2]

Spreading 108 kg/min[3]

Signal Stability

Offline Operations

2 km O3 Video Transmission

Optional DJI Relay

All Scenario Adaptability

Fully automatic and manual operation

Orchard Mode

Variable Rate Application

Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing[6]

Multidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

Terrain Following up to 50°

Four Sprinkler Kit (Optional)

Reverse Directional Spray During Flight

4-Sprinkler Spraying, Flow Rate 24 L/min[2]

Field Operations

21 Hectares per hour[8]

Orchard Operations

4 hectares per hour[9]

Spreading Operations

1,500 kg of granules per hour[10]

Spraying System

High Rate, Atomized Spray, Leak Free

DJI AGRAS T50's Dual Atomizing Spraying System provides an ultra-large flow rate of up to 16 L/min (2-sprinkler spraying). It produces uniform and fine spray droplets, and does not leak. DJI AGRAS T50 can be equipped with an additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers, increasing flow rate to 24 L/min (4-sprinkler spraying) for operations that require high application volume. When flying manually, use Reverse Directional Spray with four sprinklers to simplify operations without having to make turns.

DJI AGRAS T50 Spreading System

1,500 kg per hour[10]

DJI AGRAS T50’s new spreader and spiral channel spinning disk significantly improve spreading efficiency and smoothness.

50 kg Payload[1]

75 L max capacity and an expanded loading gate for quick refills.

Smooth Spreading

The torque of the spreader is doubled and the discharge hatch is enlarged to enable a flow rate up to 108 kg/min[3].

Uniform Spreading

DJI AGRAS T50's spiral channel spinning disk makes spreading more uniform.

Low Rate Spreading

You can also switch to small hopper gates to improve spreading accuracy with a low flow rate.

Real-Time Weighing

DJI AGRAS T50 is equipped with a weighing sensor which allows you to monitor the remaining payload in real time.

Fast Disassembly and Cleaning

The spreader can be quickly disassembled and cleaned for easy maintenance.

Tested for reliability, durability, and safety

Spraying and spreading operations are frequent, intense, and take place in complex environments. DJI AGRAS T50 has passed hundreds of reliability tests and its main body is durable to help ensure safe operation.

Double your peace of mind with Binocular Vision and Dual Radar

DJI AGRAS T50 is equipped with front and rear Active Phased Array Radars with double the number of RF channels[17] for higher detection precision. Together they enable Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing[5], elevating operating safety. Two sets of Binocular Vision sensors enable DJI AGRAS T50 to accurately sense terrain and depict obstacles in detail, for automatic obstacle bypassing[11] and Terrain Following[11] over steep slopes.

One drone for surveying[2], spraying, and spreading

DJI AGRAS T50 integrates aerial surveying[2], spraying, and spreading into a single drone. A high-resolution FPV gimbal camera enables real-time capture of field and orchard images. Paired with DJI RC Plus and RTK service, you can generate high definition maps which underpin subsequent automatic flight routes. DJI AGRAS T50 can take off and perform automatic operations, all at the push of a button.

Orchard Aerial Survey[2]

DJI AGRAS T50 supports obstacle bypassing and Terrain Following for surveying[2] of orchards on slopes up to 20°[5]. With DJI RC Plus and its real-time mapping capabilities, it can automatically identify fruit trees and obstacles. Based on the distribution of the fruit trees, it can generate accurate and fully automatic 3D flight routes.

5 hectare orchard mapped in 10 minutes[12]

Orchard 3D Map

High Brightness Widescreen Remote Controller

DJI RC Plus has a 7-inch high brightness screen and an 8-core processor for smooth operations. Intelligent route planning minimizes distances flown with a full tank, greatly increasing operation efficiency. Manual mode allows you to control operations at will.

Signal Stability

The new and upgraded quad-antenna O3 Transmission system works offline even in areas without cellular coverage, offering a transmission range of 2 km [13]. Its anti-interference ability helps ensure high signal quality during operations over tall crops.

DJI Relay (Optional)

DJI Relay ensures smooth real-time video transmission for safer flights even in complex operation scenarios with signal obstructions.

Fuel-Efficient Fast Charging

The D12000iE Multifunctional Inverter Generator features electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology and saves fuel use by 15%[15]. The DB1560 Intelligent Flight Batteries charge in an Air-Cooled Heat Sink, enabling ultra-fast charging in 9 minutes[6]. The C10000 Intelligent Charger can charge batteries directly with utility power.

DB1560 Intelligent Flight Battery

Capacity increased to 30 Ah
Up to 1,500 charging cycles [14]
DJI Agras T50
DJI Agras T50

D12000iE Multifunctional Inverter Generator[18]

15% overall fuel savings[15] 1,500 W AC output 9-min ultra-fast charging[6] 1.5 m long charging cable

C10000 Intelligent Power Supply

9,000 W fast charging[16]
Power-adaptive protection
1.5 m long charging cable
DJI Agras T50
DJI Agras T50

C8000 Intelligent Power Supply

Up to 7,200 W charging[16]
Dual-channel alternated charging
Power-adaptative protection

Smart Agriculture Ecosystem

Pair DJI AGRAS T50 with the new Mavic 3M and leverage multispectral data to minimize inputs and maximize yields. Survey your farm and generate prescription maps to guide variable rate fertilization and crop protection. Quickly patrol fields to identify growth stress.
  1. Measured at sea level, the DJI Agriculture App will intelligently recommend the loading weight based on the current aircraft status and surrounding environment. The maximum weight of materials loaded by the user must not exceed the recommended value, otherwise it may affect flight safety.
  2. The maximum flow rate of 2 nozzles is 16 liters/minute, and the maximum flow rate of 4 nozzles is 24 liters/minute.
  3. Measured using 4mm diameter urea. The particle size, density, and surface smoothness of different fertilizers are different, and the maximum flow rate will be different.
  4. In order to ensure the success rate of aerial survey and mapping, the T50 will automatically adjust the flight speed according to the slope of the mountain. The greater the slope, the slower the speed.
  5. The effective working range of sensing distance, obstacle avoidance, and obstacle bypassing capabilities will vary depending on ambient light, rain and fog, and the material, location, and shape of the target object. Among them, the downward sensing is used to assist in flying at a fixed altitude while imitating the ground, and the other direction sensing is used to avoid obstacles.
  6. Charge the battery from 30% to 95%. Conditions affecting charging time: The sea level of the charging station affects the charging time; the charger must use a wiring method that meets fast charging; the battery cell temperature supports fast charging within the range of 15 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.
  7. The all-in-one variable frequency charging station requires the purchase of an additional AC power module to realize mains power input.
  8. The data is affected by the operating environment and operating parameters. T50 flight parameters: dosage per mu 1 liter/mu, spray width 11 meters, flight speed 7 meters/second, height 3 meters.
  9. The data is affected by the operating environment and operating parameters. T50 flight parameters: dosage per mu 6 liters/mu, spray width 4 meters, flight speed 4 meters/second, height 3 meters.
  10. Measured using medium granular urea, the data is affected by fertilizer type, operating environment and operating parameters. T50 flight parameters: dosage per acre: 15 kg/acre, sowing width 8 meters, flight speed 10 meters/second, height 4 meters, spreading disc speed 1000 rpm.
  11. The smart detour function cannot be used at night or in dimly lit scenes. Please fly with caution. It is not recommended to detour around wires and cable stays.
  12. Refers to the mapping time after the aerial survey is completed, which is affected by the firmware version, aerial survey type, etc.
  13. Measured at a flight altitude of 2.5 meters without obstruction or electromagnetic environmental interference.
  14. The battery is guaranteed for 1500 cycles or 12 months, whichever comes first.
  15. Comparison with a third-party universal generator paired with a smart charger.
  16. The charger uses three-phase electrical wiring (two 220V lines) to support fast charging.
  17. Comparison with T40 active phased array omnidirectional radar.