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DJI FlyCart 30

Dynamic Aerial Delivery

DJI FlyCart 30 is here to deliver the goods. A long-distance heavy lifter with powerful signal and intelligence, DJI FlyCart 30 supports Cargo mode and Winch mode and ascends beyond traditional logistical limits to deliver a safe, economical, and efficient air transport solution.

Heavy Payloads, Long Distances

30 kg Max Payload [1]

28 km Flight Distance Without Payload [2]

16 km Flight Distance with Full Payload [3]

20 m/s Max Speed [4]

The first three indicators are measured in dual battery mode

Built for Extremes

6,000 m Max Flight Altitude [5]

-20° to 45° C (-4° to 113° F) Operating Temperature [6]

12 m/s Max Wind Speed Resistance [7]

Strong Signal

20 km Video Transmission with O3 [8]

4G Enhanced Video Transmission [9]

Dual Operator Mode [10]

High-Resolution FPV Gimbal Camera

Advanced Safety and Intelligence

IP55 Protection and Corrosion Resistance [11]

Radars, Binocular Vision, Intelligent Obstacle Sensing [12]

Dual Batteries and Parachute

Convenient Configurations


70 L EPP Case [13]

Winch System

Fully-Automatic Operations

DJI Pilot 2

DJI DeliveryHub

Health Management System

Dynamic Aerial Delivery

Send What's Needed, Where It's Needed

Heavy payload capacity and long flight distance overcome logistical limitations fornext-generation delivery.

30 kg

Max Payload (Dual Batteries)[1]

40 kg

Max Payload (Single Battery)[2]

28 km

Max Flight Distance Without Payload (Dual Batteries)[2]

20 m/s

Max Flight Speed (with Carbon Fiber Propellers) [4]

16 km

Max Flight Distance Without Payload (Dual Batteries)[2]

15 m/s

Cruising Speed [4]

All-Weather Performance

Withstand round-the-clock operations across extreme altitudes and weather conditions.

6,000 m

Max Flight Altitude [5]

-20° to 45° C(-4° to 113° F)

Operating Temperature [6]


Protection Rating [11]

12 m/s

Max Wind Speed Resistance [7]

Deliver With Safety and Reliability

Ensured safety from takeoff to landing.

Intelligent Obstacle Sensing [12]

DJI FlyCart 30 is equipped with Front and Rear Phased Array Radars and a dual Binocular Vision system to achieve Intelligent Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing [12]. A built-in ADS-B signal receiver detects and warns of nearby crewed aircraft.

DJI FlyCart 30

Multi-Level Redundancy

DJI FlyCart 30 is designed with high redundancy to guarantee flight safety even in harsh environments.
Powered by a dual battery system, if a single battery fails during flight, the other battery will keep the drone flying and ensure a safe return.

Strong Signal, Stable Transmission

DJI FlyCart 30 supports DJI O3 video transmission over up to 20km[8].
Its four-antenna transceiver system intelligently selects the optimal antenna to transmit signals and enhance anti-interference capabilities. Bolster connection and stability with a DJI Cellular Dongle[15] which can work in tandem with DJI O3 video transmission. If O3 video transmission experiences interferrence, the 4G network can maintain signal stability and video transmission, improving flight safety even in complex environments.

Smooth Effortless Control

DJI RC Plus has a 7-inch high-bright screen and supports Dual Operator mode[10]. This mode allows two operators to conveniently transfer control permissions to meet diverse operation requirements.

DJI FlyCart 30

Built Ready for Harsh Environments

IP54 Protection [11]

Water and dust resistant

-20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F) [6]

Water and dust resistant

DJI FlyCart 30

Stable Video Transmission and Long Battery Life

Choose Your Payload Configuration

Cargo mode or Winch mode facilitate payload delivery depending on its destination.

Cargo Mode: Streamlined and Steady

70 L Max Capacity [17]
30 kg Max Payload (Dual Batteries) [1]
40 kg Max Payload (Single Battery) [1]

DJI FlyCart 30 comes standard with an EPP case[13] that supports easy loading and unloading.

Weight and center-of-gravity detection ensures balanced cargo loading for safe and stable flight.

Winch Mode: Flexible and Precise

30 kg Max Payload (Dual Batteries)[1]
40 kg Max Payload (Single Battery)[1]
0.8 m/s Max Cable Speed
20 m Max Cable Length

*Winch System Kit is sold separately

Winched cargo is delivered by a retractable cable which can be controlled either manually or automatically. Cargo releases automatically upon touchdown and does not require manual detachment, ensuring safe and precise delivery.

DJI FlyCart 30 can intelligently adjust its attitude to minimize cargo swing and improve stability. For extreme situations where hanging cargo gets trapped or tangled, you have the option to heat and cut the winch cable, freeing the drone.

One-Stop Solution for Drone Delivery

DJI Pilot 2 and DJI DeliveryHub provide a powerful, efficient, and flexible one-stop solution for drone delivery management.

Simplified Delivery at Your Fingertips

DJI Pilot 2 displays real-time flight status, cargo status, and other interactive interfaces for efficient and safe operation with DJI FlyCart 30.

DJI FlyCart 30

Real-Time Flight Safety Alerts

Check battery level, power status, and mileage in real time, and monitor the reachability of the destination point to ensure operation safety.

Real-Time Flight Safety Alerts

Collaborate Across Multiple Terminals

DJI DeliveryHub is a one-stop air delivery management platform. It facilitates efficient operation planning, comprehensive operation status monitoring, centralized team resource management, and data collection and analysis.

DJI FlyCart 30

Task Planning and Execution

Remotely create, schedule, and allocate tasks and devices. Confirm safety check and one-tap takeoff. Increase efficiency and automatically perform scheduled delivery tasks based on recorded flight routes.

Comprehensive Status Monitoring

Track drones and task status on a 2.5D Base Map [18]. Live view directly from the drone’s high resolution FPV gimbal camera to see the surrounding flight environment. Receive alerts for abnormalities and take manual control to ensure flight safety. Collaborate with teammates and share status notifications to multiple terminals.

Centralized Team Resource Management

Plan complex flight routes quickly based on a 2.5D Base Map [18]. Manage marked locations and alternate landing sites for efficient team collaboration and coordination. Monitor drone health status, maintenance information, and DJI Care status. View drone, route, and time statistics to evaluate efficiency and optimize future operations.

Extensive Accessories

DJI FlyCart 30
DJI RC Plus has a 7-inch 1,200 nits high-bright screen with multiple buttons and dials for a smooth control experience. It comes with a standard WB37 external battery that offers an operating time of up to six hours and supports battery hot-swapping.
DJI Cellular Dongle [15]
DJI FlyCart 30
This module supports 4G enhanced video transmission[9] for drones and remote controllers and provides a mobile network for remote controllers.
DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery
DJI FlyCart 30
DJI FlyCart 30 comes with a brand-new dual-battery system. A single DJI DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity up to 38,000 mA and supports up to 1,500 charge cycles[19]. It supports self-heating and hot-swapping to save time and ensure smooth operation.
DJI WB37 Battery
DJI FlyCart 30
The DJI WB37 Battery helps power the DJI RC Plus. It adopts 2S 4920 mAh battery cells, has excellent discharge performance at low temperatures, and charges quickly.
DJI C8000 Intelligent Battery Station
DJI FlyCart 30
The DJI C8000 Intelligent Battery Station supports concurrent charging for dual batteries and fast charging for a single battery[20]. The charging voltage is adaptive to standard generators with a max charging power of up to 7200 W[21].
DJI WB37 Battery Charging Hub [22]
DJI FlyCart 30
The DJI WB37 Battery Charging Hub is used to charge DJI WB37 Batteries. The charging manager is compatible with third-party USB-C chargers and 65 W PD fast chargers.
DJI FlyCart 30 Winch System Kit [22]
DJI FlyCart 30
The DJI FlyCart 30 Winch System Kit includes a winch, a counterweight, a transport landing gear, and an extension cable. The kit can quickly be installed on DJI FlyCart 30 and facilitates complex delivery operations with ease.
D-RTK 2 Mobile Station [22]
DJI FlyCart 30
The D-RTK 2 Mobile Station supports mainstream global satellite navigation systems and provides real-time differential corrections for accurate and reliable centimeter-level precision.

Data Safety

DJI takes the security of your data seriously. We use best-in-class measures to protect the integrity of your photos, videos, flight logs, and other user data, allowing you to confidently use the full power of a cloud-based fleet management system. DJI FlyCart 30 and DJI DeliveryHub is built to maintain integrity across multiple levels of the drone and data management process – from device connection and maintenance, to data upload and transmission, to cloud service storage and operational security.

DJI DeliveryHub uploads, stores and manages data on cloud servers operated by Amazon Web Services, which are compliant to ISO/IEC 27001 security certifications.

DJI FlyCart 30

Data Collection

DJI will not access any user data before the user grants DJI the permission to do so. You can grant or revoke the permission anytime in “Network Security Mode” or enable “Local Data Mode” to use your device completely offline.

Data Transmission and Storage

Full-link encryption effectively protects data from third-party hijacking. Sensitive information, such as email addresses, mobile numbers, and locations, is protected with additional AES-256-CBC encryption.

Clear All Device Data

You can choose to erase any data generated during your use of DJI devices. Using the DJI Pilot 2 app, you can clear the logs and cache on your device and the app, or restore the device to factory settings.

* Please check and strictly abide by local laws and regulations before flying.
** All data was tested with a production model DJI FlyCart 30 in a controlled environment. Actual experience may vary depending on the environment, usage, and firmware version.
*** All videos and images on this page were shot in strict compliance with relevant local laws and regulations.
**** Before use, DJI FlyCart 30 must be activated by using the DJI Pilot 2 app.

1. Measured at sea level. Please pay attention to the difference between single and dual battery states. The maximum loaded weight must not exceed the recommended value. Avoid placing sharp objects when using cargo cases. Avoid goods hitting the landing gear when using the winch system. Otherwise, flight safety may be compromised.
2. Measured with DJI FlyCart 30 (operating on dual batteries) flying at a constant 15 m/s in a windless environment at sea level without payloads until displayed battery level reached 0%. Data is for reference only. Please pay attention to the Return to Home (RTH) prompts in the DJI Pilot 2 app during your flights.
3. Measured with DJI FlyCart 30 (operating on dual batteries) flying at a constant 15 m/s in a windless environment at sea level with a full payload until displayed battery level reached 0%. Data is for reference only. Please pay attention to the Return to Home (RTH) prompts in the DJI Pilot 2 app during your flights.
4. Measured with DJI FlyCart 30 (operating on dual batteries) flying with a full payload in a windless environment at sea level. Data is for reference only.
5. The load capacity of DJI FlyCart 30 decreases as the takeoff altitude increases. An altitude of 6,000 meters is the maximum safe altitude for DJI FlyCart 30 flying in dual batteries mode without a payload (takeoff at an altitude of 4,500 meters). An altitude of 3,000 meters is the maximum safe altitude for DJI FlyCart 30 flying with a full payload.
6. Measured with estimated solar radiation of 960 W/m2. Long-term exposure to high temperatures may shorten the service life of certain components.
7. During takeoff and landing, DJI FlyCart 30 can resist a maximum wind speed of 12 m/s.
8. Measured with FCC compliance in an unobstructed environment with low interference. Data is for reference only. During your flight, please pay attention to reminders in the app.
9. To realize 4G enhanced video transmission, connect the DJI FlyCart 30’s DJI Cellular Dongle (available only in the Chinese mainland) to the internet. The remote controller can be connected to the internet by using the DJI enhanced video transmission module or the Wi-Fi module.
10. A second remote controller is sold separately.
11. The protection rating is not permanent and may decline due to aging and wear caused by long-term use. The protection rating does not apply to the propulsion system. After a flight in rain, it is recommended to keep it idling on the ground for 1 minute to prevent corrosion or rust to afflict the propulsion system (precipitation of more than 24.9 mm within 24 hours).
12. Effective sensing range and obstacle sensing capabilities may vary depending on ambient light, rain, fog, and the material, position, shape, and other properties of the obstacles. Downward sensing is mainly used to assist in measuring ground clearance. Sensing in other directions is used for obstacle sensing.
13. The dimensions of the Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) case interior are 573×416×306 mm (L×W×H).
14. When DJI FlyCart 30 operates on dual batteries and flies in a 25° C windless environment at sea level with a full payload, the lowest height for opening the parachute is 60 m and the terminal descent speed 6 m/s.
15. The DJI enhanced video transmission module is sold separately and available only in the Chinese mainland.
16. Measured under lab conditions at 25° C in a windless environment and at sea level.
17. Center of gravity and weight detection are not permanently valid. Please perform tare calibration as needed.
18. 2.5D Base Map is a 2D map overlaid with elevation data.
19. Battery provides 1,500 in-warranty cycles or a 12-month warranty, whichever comes first.
20. When fast charging a single battery, make sure that the charger uses two 220 V cables at the same time and that the power line and socket can withstand the charging power.
21. Theoretical maximum power of the charger. Actual power may vary based on voltage.
22. Sold separately.