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Agras T30: Revolutionizing Digital Agriculture with its Efficient Battery and Charger Systems

DJI Agras T30's Quick-Charge Battery Station and Advanced Spraying Capabilities Transform Agricultural Management

Agriculture drones have come a long way in recent times, and one of the products that have captured the interest of farmers worldwide is the Agras T30. One reason is the drone’s battery system, which includes its charging equipment and its intelligent flight battery, which have undergone comprehensive optimization for high performance and efficiency. In this blog, we will explore how the T30’s innovative battery and charger systems have revolutionized digital agriculture, making it a preferred choice for modern-age farming. 

Continuous Operations with a Pair of Batteries

The T30 energy supply system is designed to meet the needs of time-conscious farmers by charging its batteries in just 10 minutes. Under standard operating conditions, it only requires two batteries and a single charging station for continuous operations. The entire system is compact and easily portable, fitting comfortably into a small pickup truck, allowing farmers to literally pick up and go. This is possible due to increased charging power and a higher discharge current. It is an incredible improvement when compared to traditional charging systems that take hours to charge batteries fully. With fast charging, farmers can optimize their time and focus on other aspects of farming that require attention.

High-Temperature Tolerance and Enhanced Battery Safety

For batteries, especially those used in harsh farming environments, temperature conditions can pose a significant challenge. To improve battery stability during continuous charging and discharging, the T30 battery utilizes a new system of high-temperature chemistry. This system increases the temperature tolerance of the battery cells, making it possible to reduce internal resistance, thus increasing power output. The T30 battery can withstand temperatures up to 65°C – 70°C, ensuring optimal performance even in the heat of summer and maintaining stability during continuous charging and discharging cycles.


This advancement is a result of significant engineering optimizations by DJI, which reduced the internal resistance of the battery cell by 40% when compared to the T20. Consequently, the temperature rise at the same power level is noticeably lower. The T30’s battery cell also benefits from a high-temperature electrolyte, which effectively counteracts the typical bulging issues that occur at 45°C – 55°C in standard electrolytes, fundamentally removing high-temperature usage safety hazards.


Beyond just heat management, the T30 integrates a robust protection system for its batteries, adapted for complex farmland operations. The battery implements board-level potting protection for waterproofing and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, every T30 comes standard with a battery safety box, ensuring additional protection and facilitating easier equipment storage.

Economic Efficiency and Integrated Charging

The Agras T30 doesn’t just excel in performance, it shines in the realm of economic efficiency as well. In terms of battery cost, the T30 boasts a significant breakthrough. Thanks to the introduction of a new chemical system, the T30’s battery cycle counts have improved vastly, from the 600 cycles of its predecessor, the T20, to an impressive 1,000 cycles. With the Agras T30, farmers are presented with a solution that’s not only technologically advanced and robust, but remarkable in its cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Introducing the T30 Intelligent Battery Station

The Agras T30 drone comes equipped with a robust Intelligent Battery Station, which represents a significant upgrade to its predecessor. This powerful charging system harnesses a 7200W charging capability, providing ultra-fast charging in just ten minutes. That’s an impressive 20% increase in charging efficiency compared to the previous generation.

Adaptable and Safe Charging

Understanding that this level of power might exceed the capacity of typical household wiring systems, potentially leading to problems such as tripping or even safety hazards in cases of aged wiring, the T30’s Intelligent Battery Station has been designed with an innovative power adaptive function. This feature lets the charger automatically recognize the voltage and adjust its power output as needed to prevent overloading the power line. This ensures safe charging both indoors and outdoors, adapting to the energy infrastructure at hand.


In summary, the Agras T30 is an innovative product that offers a unique combination of features designed to meet the needs of modern-day farming. With its fast-charging battery, high-temperature chemistry technology, cost-effectiveness, and smart charging manager, farmers can boost their productivity and efficiency while minimizing operational costs. As the digital agriculture space continues to grow, Agras T30 will undoubtedly play a crucial role in ensuring sustainable and profitable agriculture.

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