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DJI Agriculture Launches the DJI Relay Module: Stay Connected and Take Your Agricultural Drone Capabilities to the Next Level

Experience the latest innovation in agricultural drone technology with the DJI Relay Module. Designed as an accessory module for DJI Agriculture drones (T40 and T20P), this module extends the signal transmission distance, making it an essential tool for large-scale farming operations on different terrains.

*The Relay Module shown above is an early test version. The final version uses an optimized material for the antenna shell, resulting in a darker gray color.


During the operation, signal connections between the drone and remote controller can be disrupted by tall crops, trees, or hills, leading to display lag and an increased risk of signal loss.


To address this issue, DJI Agriculture has introduced the DJI Relay Module along with the latest firmware for T40 and T20P. To take full advantage of the module, it is recommended to upgrade the devices to the latest firmware version.


(Note: T20P is unavailable in certain countries and regions. Please consult your local distributor for information.)

Easy Pairing With Your Agras Drone

To use the relay module, the first step is to pair the relay module with the AGRAS drone. Simply short-press and hold the power button to turn on the module. When powered on, the RC and UAV lights will light up red.

To start the pairing process, press and hold the power button until the left RC light turns green. Next, navigate to the device management section on the remote controller and select the Relay Module. Then, click on the pairing option to complete the process.

When the RC and UAV lights both turn green, the pairing is successful.

Long Hours Work Made Easy with Power Bank Support

If you’re working long hours in the field and need to keep your Relay charged, consider using a PD protocol power bank.

With a PD protocol power bank, you can ensure that your Relay stays powered up and ready to go, even when you’re away from a traditional power source. This can be especially useful if you’re working in remote areas.

Essential Installation Tips and Safety Notes for DJI Relay Module

The second step is to identify the ideal spot to install your Relay Module. The best location is a relatively high and central spot in your operation area. This helps to ensure the best signal coverage and connectivity for your drones.

To mount the Relay Module, ensure that you have a standard tripod connector provided. You can purchase or customize a suitable pole and tripod base depending on the unique terrain and crops you are working with. Finally, attach the Relay Module to the tripod using the connector. 

* Please use a 5/8’’ screw. The pole and tripod are not included in the product package.


Please be noted that the Relay Module should be installed at least 2 meters higher than the crop canopy that you will spray. Specially, for safety, please do not use it during thunderstorms.

Stabler Signal Connection With the DJI Relay Module

As shown on the screenshot, the drone demonstrates a stable signal even when flying to the other side of the mountain and reaching the valley.